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Originally Posted by SoCalKen
Lil Bastard,
Thanks, that's some good info.
When you list all the mods on your car and followed by "hack", what does that mean?
Hacks are generally mods of the existing systems or hacking into a potential the car already has but has not been activated.

For instance, all cars have the On Board Computer (Range, MPG, Avg. Speed, Ambient Temp, Speed Gong display) software already installed. Though to use it, you have to activate the software in the DME and add a switch to scroll through and reset the functions.

Many owners have sucessfully gotten around the Dealers and gotten these systems to work on their own using standard, or non-standard parts. Sometimes less expensive than having the option added, and sometimes the only way of getting the option once the car has been built or sold.

There are many sites linking to these various hacks such as:,category,Boxster%20Hacks%20and%20Mods .aspx
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