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Lightbulb Placement of an aftermarket navigation unit

Just bought a GPS unit with a 4.3" screen to be shared between my SUV and the 986 Boxster. My Box has the console delete package which eliminates the vertical front portion of the console. And let's face it, there's not a whole lot of spare room around the Box dash and windshield area.

I'm wondering if there are any great ideas out there for placement of the screen of the GPS unit where it won't be an eyesore or block 2/3s of my vision. I will not be doing a great deal of navigating with this car ........ the GPS is primarily for my SUV.

The GPS has an external antenna port that is not explained in the instructions, so perhaps this can allow the unit to be placed where the console used to be without a good view of the sky. Well, any ideas from creative readers would be appreciated.

Thanks, Bob
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