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Driving through mud slides and giant falling boulders

What a ride I had today!

It has been raining so there have been a lot of mud slides. I am talking entire streets wiped out and boulders BIGGER than the car in the middle of the road.

Yesterday I headed out to another city about 1.2 hours away. It was not raining so I was able to drive ok. I would zoom around the mountains when the roads were clear, then when I came to an area where it was still covered with rocks or dirt, I would drive VERY VERY VERY slowly.

Well, on the way back, just about exactly 1/2 way, it started to rain very heavily!!

Everyone was in a truck or SUV but me. When people approached an area with falling rocks they would zoom through so rocks would not fall on their vehicles.

At first I drove slowly but then realized that boulders the size of bowling balls were coming down the hill! So I had to make the decision: Do I drive slowly through the rubble to avoid scratching my car (or tire damage) while risking the chance of a giant rock crushing the car like a toy? Or do I zip through the fallen rocks possibly damaging the body of the car?

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