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the shop had this to say in their estimate/quote:

"Tech has diagnosed: Testing the the emissions including the Air Mass Sensor, plugs & wires, ignition system, fuel delivery system and fuel injectors. Tech also checked the furl pump.

The codes that the tech pulled were pointing toward the Tiptronic Transmission Module (TCM).

Tech then checked the tranmission for errors. He checked and found that 5 different solenoids flagged as being bad. This not possible, as the transmission would not shift at all.

This led to further test, the tech recommends replacing the Tiptronic Transmission Module (TCM). The TCM regulates and controls the shifting and if bad it will make the car seem like it has no power."

I talked with another shop that said if the tech was not using a Porsche factory lap top, then they are just guessing as to what the codes really mean... is this correct?

I am not getting a Tiptronic warning light....
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