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Could well be an issue with the module, but it could also be low fluid, problems with the Hydraulic Control Unit inside the box.

You really need to have the codes the unit is putting out to the PST2 Diagnostic Tester.

Codes P1746 (relay), P0602 (watchdog), P0603 (EEPROM), and P0605 (checksum) all indicate an issue with the Tiptronic Control Module (located on the back wall of the Trunk).

But, there are so many sensors and components which feed the Controle Module, that I would not straight away rush to replace the module without retrieving the codes and tracking each one of them down.

Are you getting a flashing Tiptronic indicator on the dash? That's indicative of running in default mode.

Also, have you checked the fluid level? It, along with the Tranny Filter, s/b changed every 45k mi. (not according to Porsche, but according to ZF Friedrichshafen AG- the ZF-5HP19 Tranny Manufacturer).

None of the Control Modules on the Boxster are very cheap, so I'd make certain to eliminate every other cause before springoing for a new one.
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