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Instrument Cluster Reset Post

Okay Guys and Gals

After searching the web, junkyards and dealers for clock/odometer a reset post or shaft for my 2002 Boxster cluster and having no luck!!

I found a local guy who owns a company that manufacture's prototype parts for other companies. He used the one original reset post/ shaft I had and made a couple of new ones, there PERFECT!!!! and I can't believe how good they look. There made from a material a little more flexable than the original, and as the guy explained should be less brittle and less prone to breaking.

Before I install the reset post I'll take a picture and post it

So here's the PITCH he wants to sell some to recover his mold and setup cost and possibly make a few bucks. Yes he is a friend and he did me a favor and now its my turn.

Cost: $25.00 for 1 or $45.00 for 2 shipping included anywhere in the US. or Canada.

If I can get an idea in the level of interest it would be great!!!

By the way his idea of a few is in the hundreds but he doesn't expect than kind of response.
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