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Originally Posted by Kirk
That's the beauty of coilovers, they're height adjustable. If you have a rub issue, just raise the car back up a little. A lot of people with coilovers use them to get a ridiculous amount of drop and then of course you'll have a rub issue, but not if you run them at a more reasonable height.

I've got 18's with a 275 tire in the back, lowering springs, and I have a rub issue? What can I do? I'm going to have it aligned to dial in more negative camber. If that doesn't work I might switch to a 265 tire. If that doesn't work, then I'll probably get coilovers. If I just had the coilovers in the first place though it would be simple for me to fix this rub issue by just increasing the ride height slightly. I hope you get my point.
Depending on wheel offset, you also need to consider the inside of the tire, not just fender to tire contact. The coilover mounting perches can rub on the inside of the wheel or tire. I have 15mm spacers on the rear for this reason. If I remember correctly, my rear wheels are 18x9.5 w/ 52mm offsets and I'm running a 275 tire.
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