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Originally Posted by jrdiesel01

Just had a question. I heard with a coilover set up it will rub with 19" wheels. Is this true?
That's the beauty of coilovers, they're height adjustable. If you have a rub issue, just raise the car back up a little. A lot of people with coilovers use them to get a ridiculous amount of drop and then of course you'll have a rub issue, but not if you run them at a more reasonable height.

I've got 18's with a 275 tire in the back, lowering springs, and I have a rub issue? What can I do? I'm going to have it aligned to dial in more negative camber. If that doesn't work I might switch to a 265 tire. If that doesn't work, then I'll probably get coilovers. If I just had the coilovers in the first place though it would be simple for me to fix this rub issue by just increasing the ride height slightly. I hope you get my point.
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