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An extended warranty with a twist: all the money back.

I don't like betting against myself, or paying twice in advance (RMS for example) for something that is not likely to happen....BUT - if they'll give me my money back if I don't use the service, then Sheee'et, I'll park $1800 for 4yrs. ...and I won't even ******************** that I'm not getting the current 3.2% interest a CD might give me. is the page that explains.

The only trick to this outfit is that you have to belong to a credit union. Anymore belonging to one is like hating Chris Bangle's recent designs. $20. will open an account in most of them. In MD we have the State Employees CU and we, the blood supply for the clock-punchers, are also allowed to join...

Don't worry that P's are not on the make list, just put it in the model list and they'll send you an email quote.

...don't know about 'out of warranty' cars.

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