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John V
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Sway bars for sale.

I'm moving soon and need to unload some of the spare parts I have sitting around otherwise they go to the trash.

1 rear sway bar, stock 3.2L "S" standard suspension. 18.5mm OD, 2.5mm thickness. Includes bushings. $25 plus shipping

1 front sway bar, stock 3.2L "S" standard suspension. 23.6mm OD, 3.5mm thick. Same sway bar as on 2.5L / 2.7L M030 suspension. $50 + shipping. Includes bushings.

1 front sway bar, 3.2L "S" M030 suspension. 24.0mm OD, 3.8mm thick. The stiffest factory available Boxster sway bar. $75 + shipping

e-mail me at john_vitamvas at yahoo dot com, please do not PM.
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