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Hi Ron,

As a couple of the previous posters have mentioned the "black box" that controls the alarms system, the power locks & windows and the top I believe) is located in a well under the drivers seat.

A common cause of the flooding is a small tear in the big foam plastic "tray" that sits under the top system, collects the water from the top drainage system, and directs into the drains located roughly behind the B pillar. I had a small tear (likely caused by a twig getting caught in there when the top was put down) allowing water to drain into the passenger compartment instead of into the drain system. I noticed a dampness in the carpet behind the drivers seat.

I'd ensure that I've tracked down the source of the water, and completely dried out the carpet and underpad, before I replace any electronics. I'd hate to spend all the $$ only to have my blackbox crap out intermittently because I reinstalled it into a moist environment.

Good luck!

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