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Originally Posted by Lil bastard
If the bracing on the underside is in the way, PDR won't work.

Good recommendation to go to whom the Dealers use - there's PDR and then there's pdr. Not all of them do good work or are skilled enough to do the hard ones (bad location, behind other panels, etc.)

You might try using a piece of Dry Ice instead of the Hairdryer/solvent method. Just rub it around the spot to get it good and cold (underside too). The trunk is aluminum, so it'll cool down and contract quickly.

Dry Ice is an old dealers trick to remove hail damage on the lot. It works maybe 50% of the time. Any local Ice supplier can sell it to you.
Actually, the braces underneath are the reason that PDR works so well. They usually heat a putty knife to release the adhesive between the brace and the lid or other panel, allowing the panel to spring back or be easily popped back into shape. Check for a gap after the repair ; I filled mine in with silicone and then painted the goop.
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