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The car may not have crossed the 50K mark just yet but the car is 8 years old and the roads are rough during winter. I suspect the passenger rear shock has gone, there is a big rattle coming from the passenger door/seat area. Maybe I can replace just the rear shocks? Doesn't sound like a good move though.
I'm leaning toward putting in new springs because the labor charge to install new shocks is steep around here and then throw in a new alignment and it adds up.
Might as well make it new while you're in there. But on second thought maybe I should just keep the springs I have...hmmm.

I don't know what the Konis are going for but Pelican Parts has new Bilstein Sports for $850. (The ROW springs are another $400). I REALLY want to go with PSS9 but I REALLY don't want to go up against 911 Turbos in Autocross.
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