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There can be a slight 'double-pump' between the 2-3 shift and I found that two things can cause this. The most common is a sedate driving cycle followed by a spirited one. The other, a slight underfill of the tranny.

That's the one thing I hate about the Tip S - Porsche, in their infinite wisdom, decided not to include either a dipstick or a fill spout for the Tiptronic, though BMW and Audi both did, so it is possible. But, short of putting the car on stands or a rack, there's no way to check if the fluid level is correct. This is especially annoying if you have a leak or any seepage from around the pan, because you know by the seepage that you've lost some fluid, but no easy way of knowing how much. I thought of seeing if the BMW or Audi Dipstick/Fill spout could be retrofitted, but haven't got around to it.

With a skill level of 6/10, you'd have no difficulty doing this service yourself. I'm probably at the same level and did mine in 2 hrs. Nothing hard, just involved as you have to take apart so much of the rear to access the Drain pan for removal.

I posted my DIY in that section and aside from the couple special tools mentioned, you only need a jack/jackstands, catch pan, straight-screwdriver, set of metric sockets, a torque wrench and maybe a breaker bar, the rest costs about $250-$275. It's only a write-up as I didn't want to risk getting any oil on my new Nikon D80. But, if you have the Workshop manuals or the Bentley, you'd have no trouble seeing what I describe.
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