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All sounds normal to me. The car has a very limited Sport mode. But, it also has an adaptive memory. It will adapt to your last few Driving Cycles.

If you have been commuting all week to work, when you first take it out for spirited fun, it won't respond properly for several miles until it re-adapts to your new style.

You don't mention the mileage.

Since it's a '99, are you due for a fluid/filter change? Porsche claimed it is a Lifetime fluid, but it really isn't.

BMW and Jaguar (which also use this same ZF5HP19 transmission) also marketed it as Lifetime fluid, but have since changed their specs to a fluid and filter change every 45k mi. Failure to do this maintenance can kill these trannys.

The dealer charges $650-$750 for this service. But, a DIY for a moderately experienced owner can be done for under $250. It takes about 2-3 hrs. and I'd give it difficulty of maybe 3 or 5. I'm going to post a write-up of the procedure in the DIY section.
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