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Midwest Eurosport

I am very surprised as well. I am new to Boxster ownership but recently acquired an 04 Silver Anniversary Boxster S. One of my good friends races a 944 turbo and recommended Midwest Eurosport. The dealer quoted 1,200 dollars for 30K maintenance and they were able to do it for only 370. They were efficient and professional. I will be going back again come March (hopefully when the snow clears)

Does anyone recommend other garages?

Originally Posted by chgolatin2
I dont know how they quoted you those prices but I went today to pay them a visit and inquire about them installing my Evo intake and headers. They stated that they "HAVE TO" drop the engine to install the intake (6 to 8 hrs) and 2 to 3 hours on the headers. Personally, I dont think that they were that helpful especially how easy they informed me that they "HAVE TO" drop the engine to install a simple intake i informed them that they were the only Porsche repair place that has made that statement. Every other place states 2 to 3 hours to do the intake them 6 to 8 hours
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