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Originally Posted by peakpro
I own an 04 986 base boxster. It has 36,000 miles on it. Options are heated seats, 17 in wheels, alarm, windstopand cruise control. It is carmon red.

My dealer has an CPO 05 987 base boxster with 17000 miles on it. It has heated seats, sound package plus, preferred package and windstop. It is seal gray.

My dealer has someone interested in my car and the have offered me the 05 for my car and a what I consider a reasonable amount of cash . (Less than the galves amounts when plugged in for the two cars.)


How much would you think is reasonable?


PS...I have driven several "S" versons and with my driving the base is just fine.

The dealer is there to make money. He is interested in selling an '05. He also knows someone who likely said they couldn't afford an 05 and he thought of you, with an 04. Maybe he knows you were interested in selling? I can't imagine the dealer buying the car from you for more than a book value. What is the *real* price of the '05? You might find its not as good a deal as it sounds over the phone.

Yes, take this as a grain of salt in not trusting everyone who wants to sell you something.
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