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Thumbs up Eurotech Tuning - Campbell, Ca

Eurotech Tuning - Matt Landau, owner
Web site:
Address:205 Kennedy Ave, Campbell, CA 95008

Shop Hours: Mon - Fri 8:00a.m. - 5:00p.m.

Phone (408) 370-1887

Thumbs up for Eurotech Tuning German Auto Specialist

F.Y.I., just wanted let all Porsche owners in the Bay Area know there is a great guy named Matthew Landau, owner of Eurotech.
He did a great job on a broken rear wheel bearing, all 4 brakes and oil change service on my 1998 Porsche Boxster. And a reasonable price too! Plus a free inspection of my car. If your looking for a reliable, excellent auto mechanic, call Matt. Ok to mention my name! Dede - 1998 pastel yellow Boxster

If your interested here is a little more detailed information about Eurotech Tuning, Matt Landau, owner.
I met Matt at a PCA GGR Boxster Brunch - Alices Restaurant, Woodside, about two years ago. Matt came up on his own and introduced himself to the whole group, bought us all breakfast. He owns 3 Porsches and I was impressed about him wanting to work only on Porsches. He also works on BMW's. Apparently, he has some great equipment, machines, etc to do some upgrades on Porsches. (performance I think) All in all I kept his business card that day and thought I am going to give him a chance when I need some car work done. I guess I had a good feeling about him. He even told us all he would like to do a tech session some time, if we were interested.
Regarding the work on my car................. I had a noise in the rear wheel area. Plus I needed a oil change, etc. Matt said no problem, bring your car in, I will give you a free inspection and let you know what is urgent and make recommendations to consider. No pressure. Found my vehicle in need of four wheel brake job, all new pads, rotors, and sensors. ( I was due for a brake service soon) Service included cleaning and lubricating all moving parts, also painting rotor hats with high temp paint. Cleaned all wheels and checked balance. Found faulty left rear wheel bearing. Which was the noise I heard. Recommended replacing left rear wheel bearing and wheel hub assembly. Included pressing of new wheel hub assembly. Oil and filter change with Mobil 1 oil. Checked and adjusted all fluid levels, tire pressure, inspected brakes. Interrogated diagnostic fault memory of engine control unit. Washed and vaccum my car for me. Offered to lend me a loaner car if I needed a car while my car was in the shop. Work included 12 months 12000 mile warranty. I was very pleased with the quick and detailed information about my car verbally from Matt. He knows what he is doing and I rate him high from 1-10, a 10, which is the highest. For excellence, quality, honesty, timeliness, cleanliness of shop, good customer service and most of all his desire to work on Porsches. Hope this helps to consider Matt for your next Porsche car service. Just give him a call if you have any questions.
Check out his website for pictures:

Have a good one,
San Francisco Bay Area, California USA

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