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de-snorkled and foam on filter gone! GHL??

all you long time members might read my posts and laugh but i really love this site, it is really helpful and i found all the answers i was looking for pretty much.

i removed the snorkle: i was ready for some fight but i think i yanked it hard enough and it poped right out.
i got to the filter (first time only the engine cover, wow it was dusty) and my filter was filthy. i removed the foam and i must say, i feel tiny bit of added power around 5~6000 rpm, maybe its just me. but the sound has improved. my brother has the power flow intake and dansk exhaust and it sound pure.... and love that suction sound from the intake.

i also installed the GHL, man that thing is loud!!! my neighbors were looking out the window.
i had meetings all day so i had V-day dinner with my wife last night and we had to turn around, go back home and switch cars. she was complaining that it was so loud she was getting sick. it wasnt making me sick but it is pretty darn loud, but good.... sounds like a little Ferrari. i think she was mad cuz i couldnt hear her nagging...
i am taking the GHL down, i rather hear the intake sound.
thanks for reading guys.
thanks toolpant, youre helping and you dont even know it...
and brucelee, my friend is transferring to san diego and he might be looking for a used box. i gave him your info, might be getting an email from him. if he does, be paitent with him, he doesnt know how to drive stick......Ouch!!!
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