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I had these tires on the wheels I purchased from Wheel Dynamics (DJ's favorite chrome lobsters). They were 8x18, 50mm and 10x18, 47mm (the std sizes they sell for Boxsters). The 245s were just able to clear the spring on the strut (there was about a thumb's clearance). If you're using a std 7.5x18, 50mm wheel, the handy-dandy offset calculator says your std wheel will be 6mm further out, so there shouldn't be any clearance issues. The 275s are the bomb. They measures 11" across and really fill up the wheel well.

The guy at the tire store talked me into these larger sizes because my new wheels were wider than factory (1/2" frt, 1" rear). He thought these sizes better suited the wider wheels. These bigger tires may be more tire than std wheels can handle. If you're planning on putting them on factory wheels, might want to check with your friendly neighborhood tire store to see if they think they'd work.
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