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HID retrofit kit. $75 shipped to 48 states.

I've had litronics for a while now but previous to that, i had a set of the HID retrofits that just plug into the stock headlight housings.
anyway, this is a complete plug and play kit.
this set was used for about 3 months before i got a deal i couldn't refuse on litronics. to be honest the light output from these seems as good as the litronics.

included are the ballasts, ignitors, bulbs, wiring and covers. basically everything you need to install and run these.

check out this thread on renntech for more info.

look at the pics. also notice that new back cover for the headlight housings are included. this means you don't have to drill into your set and can put back to stock in seconds.

product is made by lightgear lights. these were $150 new.
$75 shipped.

that guy "boxsterz" thinks you're a poser. i disagree.
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