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I had a RMS Driver Tool Made

I'm hearing mixed reviews. Some swear by them others do it with a ball pin hammer. My Indy said he borrowed one the first couple times he replaced the RMS's and after that he did it with tools he had in the shop *?^)*?%#@!?

I had one made at a local metal shop from a friend I know and it worked perfectly. The key was getting a straight start and I was able to do that without the tool. I used the green ring to get it mounted on the crankshaft without damaging the inner seal. I used my thumbs and pressed fairly hard and worked my way around in a circle to get it inserted equally. You can only get it so far with your tumbs and then hammered with gentle to medium taps to drive it home with the tool I had made.

I just finished installing it and will take pictures tomorrow.
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