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Porsche Boxster Seats, Carpeting (Complete Interior)

Items I want to trade away:
- Boxster seats
- Boxster entire interior carpeting
- Boxster door panels (air bags and
speakers included)
- Boxster cup holder(s)
- Boxster gas cap
- Boxster driver and passenger side sun visors
- Boxster brake calipers (4)
- Boxster brake rotors (4)
- Boxster 15mm wheel spacers
- Rear cargo leather storage bag

I will purchase (or trade for) any Porsche Boxster parts or accessories that you have:
- Key holder(s)/Remote (with Porsche emblem)
- Rims
- Boxster Car Cover
- Rear cargo(speaker console) box
- Boxster rear speakers
- Porsche System Tester 2
- Boxster Bra
- Bra for mirrors
- Speedster humps
- Emergency/parking brake shoes
- Hardtop stand
- Rear glass for convertible top
- Coat hooks (deeper cantilever for back of each seat)
- Porsche brake pressure bleeder
- A brake pad puller
- A piston press tool
- Center hub (4 with Porsche emblem) for rims
- Radio removal tool/picks
- Wheel (immobilizer anti-theft) boot
- Oil change supplies (filters, drain plug ring seal and
filter ring seal)
- Trunk bed liner (rubber)
- Torque wrench
- Dremel/rotary tool
- Battery jumper (handheld)
- Porsche windshield sun screen

For photos e-mail:
Or visit for the Richmond, VA area.
keyword: Boxster
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