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FS: 18" Sport Classic IIs

Time to sell the SCIIs. They are 7.5 x 18 50mm front, 9 x 18 52mm rear. They're 7 yr old wheels, so they're not perfect. The left front and rear have 4 nicks in each wheel from an automatic car wash. They're not big (probably 1/8" circle) or deep, but they're there. The right rear has a light scratch about 3/4" long. The right front is perfect. None of them have curb damage. My description probably makes them sound worse than they are, but we don't want any surprises.

I talked to a wheel repair shop today and the owner said he could fix them, so I'll offer them that way if someone wants them in perfect cond.

$750 as is
$1100 repaired
Center caps included
Purchaser pays shipping (send me your zip and I'll get an est)

I attempted to take some pics of the nicks, but my camera couldn't get that detailed. I could put some general pics of the wheels up, but everyone knows what SCIIs look like.

Let me know if you have any questions.
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