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Question H&R vs Porsche wheel spacer question

Hi Folks,

Does anybody know if there is really any difference in quality between H&R and
Porsche wheel spacers (perhaps H&R is even the OEM provider to Porsche?)?

A 17mm Porsche wheel spacer set can be purchased at Suncoast Porsche Motorsport for $225 and the equivalent H&R set (but in 15 mm or 18mm) can be acquired for 1/2 the price. The H&R spacers are lightweight, strong and TUV approved, so one would be inclined to think they are top quality.

However, the only downside to the H&Rs, is that they might not make wheel locks for the 15 or 18 mm wheel spacer sizes, whereas Porsche does for the 17 mm - I need to check into this.

Any comments or recommendations would be appreciated.



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