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So I read through these posts concerning the dreaded peeling door pocket lids. I was all prepared to take the upholstered leather approach and I bought my materials off of Ebay. I didn't feel comfortable applying the adhesive until I had completely removed the peeling outer layer on the door pocket lids. So with a little elbow grease I scrubbed the thin layer off the edges with a damp terry cloth.
The plastic underneath was coming out surprisingly clean. I read that it was possibly elements in sunscreen that was dissolving the outer coating on the lids but what I think it might be is the alcohol content in the sunscreen. I used rubbing alcohol to remove the remainder of the outer coating and I gotta say I'm tempted to leave them that way. They look pretty clean.

So before you run out and shell out some cash on new ones or potentially ruin them by trying to upholster them try just scrubbing the outer layer off with a little elbow grease and rubbing alcohol. Might be the cheapest solution of all. If you don't like it well, you have a clean surface to adhere your leather to.

Originally Posted by David N.
I accidentally put a scratch across the flip-up door pocket cover. I guess it went thru the outer coating, I can see a little of the plastic underneath. Does anyone know how much they run or how easy they are to replace? 2000 Boxster S, graphite grey interior with full leather (I think).

You know, it's strange how quickly I've changed since owning a Boxster. I used to be a carefree guy, driving around an old '95 Silverado that might have a scuff mark here or there, but always got me where I needed to go.. But now, it's like owning fine china, small issues are irking me when find them on my Boxster. Oh well, welcome to the life!
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