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I got the Garmin Nuvi 350 portable after getting several suggestions on this forum. Quite a marvel of technology. I use it every day in my job, pop it in my Boxter for top down canyon carving, pop it in the Wife's Lexus for road trips, pop it in my pocket when traveling. We were in San Diego a week ago and one of our favorite seafood places was packed with people lined up around the corner. No problem... checked the Nuvi and another fine eatery was a few blocks away. Called the number and tables were available... cool. How did we ever get around without GPS??.

With a little creativity you should be able to do a "built in dash" look for your mount and still take advantage of a portable GPS that you can take with you everywhere. Removing it when you park will also prevent thieves from damaging your car trying to get to it.
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