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this is really encouraging - thanks all.

i do consider this worthwhile since the car will have a second driver - my wife.

the memory functions will be essential and very worth pursuing!

lots of wiring holds no fear - i love the challenge and do possess a reasonable level of technical skills.

i needed peace of mind that this was achievable and you've given me confidence.

all pinouts, etc will be greatfully received to help estimate and plan the job.

i get the car at the end of the week so i'll know a lot more then. i do have some real stuff to deal with at the front end - wing / bumper / rad / etc.

once i have that out of the way and the car is on the road and legal, the seats will be my main task.

what a fantastic community.

i'm off to ebay to get a cheap digital camera that will stay in the garage to keep an accurate record of my activities. this will allow me to share what's happening with anyone who's interested.

thanks again

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