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I just did this retrofit, and can walk you through the steps. Its very simple actually. Currently, you have one 30 amp circuit to your seat to power the backrest motor. The full power seats you will buy will have a memory controller under the driver seat. The passenger seat is plug and play, the driver seat is not. You have to run power, which is comprised of 3 circuits, to the memory module, which in turn powers the seat motors.

You will re-use the 30 amp you have, and have to add two additional 7.5 amp circuits. I will post images of the pin outs on the memory controller so that you can power it. You will also have the opportunity, if you want to do ALOT of wiring, to add seat memory, which will also control the mirrors.

If the seats your purchase are heated, you will have to run the wiring for that as well, of which there are plenty of tutorials online that will walk you through that.

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