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Electric Seat Retrofit 2000 3.2S?


just registered with your great forum. i've been researching boxster info for a wee while now and am about to purchase a 2000 year 3.2s tiptronic which has accident damage.

please dont flame - it's the only way i can afford to get one and i will repair it back to pristine condition and keep / drive for many years.

as soon as i get the car i will post photos and start a chronology of the repairs in the hope that it will help others.

i'm pretty handy mechanically, feel i can tackle anything, have very good garage facilities at the bottom of my garden and am more than happy to seek professional help where needed - i'm not proud to the point of irresponsibility.

the car i'm buying is pretty well specified, but the one thing i'd like above the spec it has are power / heated seats - it has electric back adjustment but i'd love to add all the rest of the electric adjustment.

clearly i'll need to source appropriate donor parts.

has anyone achieved this and is able to provide advice and guidance?


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