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Originally Posted by Tool Pants
I guessed at the part number for that shift with a 5-speed pattern.
Thanks TP. I do believe you can order that knob with the 5-speed gate pattern, as someone at a Pcar dealer said I could order it, but it was like $400+ to order the knob. Now, it seems, however, that you can find these 6-speed versions on fleabay for around $2 to 3 hundred, but none are offered in 5-speed. Was hoping to buy the 6-speed version on fleabay, and then order just the 5-speed gate cap, remove the 6-speed gate cap and use 3M double sided emblem tape to insert the 5-speed insert.

I have the aluminum/leather round version shown in that thread on renntech. Was thinking I could even remove my current 5-speed insert from my knob (as it looks like it will fit the other knob), and insert it in the new knob.
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