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CPU Wiring Help Needed - HKS CAMP

Iím trying to hook up an HKS CAMP system in my 2000 Boxster S. This is a computer system that interfaces with the carís computer and displays data on a TV monitor in the car. Any way, I need to hook up three wires from the HKS system to the carís CPU/ECM. Thereís RPM, speed, and fuel injector. I just need to tap into one fuel injector line. Iíve got that part figured out from the wiring diagrams for the car. What I canít figure out is the speed and RPM. It is not clear at all from the Porsche or Bentley manuals where the tachometer gets it signal from. I assume it comes from the computer in the rear trunk. Also there are Speed A and Speed B wires/sensors just to confuse things. Any help as to which wires I would want to tap into from the ECM to grab the RPM and speed signals? Iíd prefer to grab all three signals in the trunk at the main CPU.

Also, any idea on the injector size (cc/min) for the 2000 Boxster S?

Last questions Ė if I wanted to hook up gauges for oil pressure and oil temperature how easy is this to do? Do I need to install my own sending units at the engine or can I tap into the signals from the OEM units? It looks like oil pressure is measured from a switch that probably just triggers when pressure is too low. So that probably wouldnít work for getting variable data. It looks like the OEM oil temperature signal would work though.


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