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Originally Posted by bigb
I just called RMG (real mean garage) guys, asking for oil change rates on a 2001 boxster. They charge $220!!! When I asked why was it so high (for comparison, the Stevens Creek dealership charges about $150), I was told the oil was ~$90, oil filter was ~$20, tool 3/4th of an hr (their labor rate is $135), and, they check my wipers, tires pressure, brakes, lights, put a sticker with the oil change date etc :-).

When I asked them if I just wanted them to do the oil change (I can do the checks myself), I was told "same charge".

They may do quality work, but I don't know if its worth _that_ much!
Yeah prices are higher, but quality of work is really good (oil change should not matter). Try fremont porsche - ask for Gunther, they are best dealer service around.

Heyer performance charged me $270 for a plain oil change last year - I have not gone back and that is what led me to the mistake of going to C.T. Automotive.
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