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Yes, I went to RMG them after going to CT Automotive so many times my head hurt. They sorted out a problem in 10 minutes that CT could not solve after a bunch of 1-2 days of leaving my car with them.

Give the owner, Bob Grigsby a call at 408-738-2060. He is very nice. Their prices are quite reasonable and flexible. Also their hours are great. 7am to 5pm I think. (CT Claims 8 to 5, but I could never get a hold of them before 9 ish or after 4)

Some great info on the tech sessions if you are interested.

Also a bit farther north in Mountain View is Heyer Performance. I like that shop and the owner. They do good work, but last time charged me $270 for an oil change. Was a bit shocked by that since the dealer only want $100 on special so I got a good lesson to always ask for prices before assuming anything.
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