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Originally Posted by rctboxsters
Any good and reliable mechanic in San Jose, CA? I need to have the 60K service done which includes the belt replacement. Dealer quoted me around $ 1,500.00. Was hoping to find an outside mechanic to save some money for my top and tires.

If its not too late try: They are in sunnyvale so not too far. I have heard nothing but good things about them and they run tech sessions about the boxster so they know what they are doing.

AVOID AVOID AVOID C.T. Automotive in Campbell. They changed owners are the shop owner and staff now are pretty clueless charge $110.00 and hour and often don't even know how to do very basic things.

Fremont Porsche (forgot their official name) will do service for $1000 if you tell them that you are a Babblers member and went to the CarCare day (

Sign up over there to check out some great reviews on local shops too.
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