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GT3 delet kit

ok, so heres the deal....
i hate the look of it, and loosing storage space in this little car is bad, especially with not having a glove box.
i have a HUGEEEE bruise that is not going away from all the autoX events, every time i turn i hit my leg on that stupid thing, and its turning the bruise all different colors and just when its about to dissapear i go to autoX and its right back there for a good week or so.

i dont want to waste that much money on the real thing, so i will fab up my own, but i would like some dimensions or pics or anyhting related to this if anyone has any, or any impot on this....

should i also incorporate anything else to this while i am at it? i think i want to put an additional cig lighter hookup so that i can plug myu GPS in, i think thats a good idea, but anything else is up in the air.

any help with this is appreciated.
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