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Brake Calipers Painted - Looks Good!

After reading all the other threads here about how to paint my own calipers, I decided to do mine. I ordered the G2 kit in red. I also had to paint my hats as my recently installed front rotors had badly rusted hats. the rears were not rusted but the coating had faded and it didn't look very good. So I picked up some silver high temp paint to paint the rotors. Since I wanted to do the whole job with the rotors on the car - and I was afraid if I sprayed the rotors, I'd get overspray on something - I opted to paint the hats. It turned out fine.

I got the car off the ground, took off the wheels, and did a thorough cleaning job on the calipers. I went through four cans of brake cleaer. I sprayed, scrubbed, and used a lot of rags to wipe off all the brake dust. even when you think they were clean - the crud just kept coming off. Once they were all clean, I painted my hats, then the next day did the calipers.

The G2 kit works pretty nicely. If I had it to do over again, I think I could do it even better. My best advice to anyone who tries this themselves, is to paint it in sections and get one nice even coat down and then once you get it - leave it to dry and then recoat after waiting to let it fully dry. I goofed a bit on one by painting it, then deciding to add more paint to get it more fully covered, but the section I painted was basically 1/2 dry, so when I hit it again, the brush smudged the paint a little - the stuff spreads nice when you first apply it, but as it starts to dry it gets gummy - so if you hit the gummy part with the brush - it will smear. i fixed it but on one of the calipers one one spot it has a "rough" texture to it if you get on your hands and knees and inspect it up close. if you are a perfectionist like me, that stuff drives you nuts. but as my wife said - once the wheels are back on, the decals are on, and you look at it as you stand next to the car - they look beautiful, glossy, and almost like they were an OEM caliper. For a DIY project they turned out great.

I highly recommend this for those of you with a base model car. If you don't need to paint the hats like I did - and just need to pull the wheels, clean them, paint, and then add decals, you can do this in a day.

I added the decals by usuing blue painters tape to mark the "edge" where I wanted the letters to line up and then cut out my decal so that I could line up the edge of the letters along the blue painters tape - i marked off center and applied them. putting the decals on took literally 15 minutes and they turned out great. the calipers looked cool with just the red paint - but addin the white decals is a must - it makes them look very very nice.

I never took any "befor" pics, but jut imagine rusty rotor hats and dull black calipers. Yuck!


up close with the wheel on

nice new look

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Looks great!
Did you clearcoat over the decals? If so, what kind of clear did you use?
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Well done. In my experience you don't need to clearcoat the calipers or decals. The ebay decals adhere to the calipers very solidly and the paint looks great. I used Duplicolor brush on paint and the Xenon Mods decals from Ebay.
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I screwed up one of mine getting the pistons back in after a rebuild and need to do it over... or do them all over. They're all a little beat up and I could have done a much better job if I had removed them from the car and done it on a work bench.

Removing your calipers isn't hard for lurkers reading this thread. Two bolts and the brake line is all that's keeping them tethered to the wheel carrier. Bleeding brakes is also very easy too.

By removing them, you can thoroughly clean the caliper with brake cleaner and paint the whole thing much better.

I am also going to find high temp spray the next time around to get rid of brush marks. If anyone can recommend a high temp spray, PM me with the info.

angman is right about the decals not peeling off easily without clear coat. A shot or two of high temp clear coat would keep the red paint (or whatever color they're being painted) stay on a little longer though.
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I don't need to post a pic!!!!

Fantastic. Same color car as mine. Same wheels. I just brush painted the calipers with the dupli-color kit and I'm pleased to say that it looks perfect and exactly like your car (well, maybe a little better.....................just kidding). Kids on skateboards already told me it looked great (Uh....does that count?).

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Old 04-15-2009, 07:11 PM   #6
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no clear coat.

i bought the vinyl stickers from xenonmods

used the G2 epoxy based kit.

this is an easy DIY project that anyone could do!
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I will be doing my calipers tomorrow. Unfortunately, a while back, a detailer used some kind of acid that ate my factory perfect paint off. I am using base/clear for mine. It is a pretty easy deal for me as I run a large collision center. One of my painters is coming in on Saturday to do the work for me.

I plan to put the car in one of our prep decks and on a lift. Once the wheels are off, I will thoroughly clean the calipers with brake clean and some prepping solution.

We are going to base coat the calipers and bake them. Once this is done, I will apply new decals and clear over them.

I will try to get some before, during and after shots!

Wish me luck!
Joe DiMonte
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Maybe it is time

You guys are well ahead of me and I didn't plan on getting around to this until fall or even next spring. But - my brake light just came on and I need new pads in the front.

Should I do this all in one shot? Or doesn't it matter that much?
(not my daily drive - so I can it out of commission for a while - but since summer is short in MI I prefer to have it on the road as much as possible in nice weather.)
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looks really good. almost makes me wish mine werent still perfect, I'd be doing mine too
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if you are going to do brakes AND paint - I'd suggest doing it all in one shot.

if you can afford to have the car "out of commission" for a while - and it sounds like you can - then do it.

put it up in the air,, pull off all the wheels - and pull of your calipers. if you have the ability - you can remove your calipers = and clean the holy stink out of them - and then you could even spray them. i think if you use a high temp spray you will get a more even coat. i brushed mine - and while the result is VERY glossy and great looking - if you get down on yhour hands and knees and look at it UP CLOSE - you can see minor streaks, small hi/low areas - it's NOT perfect. honestly though 0- it doesn' tmatter - from 3' away you can't tell - but if you are "PICKY" and wnat stuff to look it's best - i htink spray would get you amore even finish that is much smoothe rlooking.

but it's a lot more work to do that.

if you hgave to do rotors - and need to almost take the calipers all the way off - why not pull them off and do it really nice.

if you only are doing pads, and do not want to take off the rotors - then just pull off the pads, then after you clean them up really well - use a whole can on brake clearn and scrub each nook and cranny of that caliper - the crap keeps coming and coming off... just scrup and spray, scrub and spray - and have a lot of newpspwer under the car to catch the muck...

after you have them clean - then paint the calpers. let them dry totally. and then put the new pads in the next day.

put the stickers on after you have it all together.
if you order your stickers now, and your painting kit - and get it all ready - you could do this over a weekend.
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Check out my thread from this weekends caliper painting. With the exception of removing the calipers, it doesnt get more pro than this.

Caliper painting, the real deal.


Joe DiMonte
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