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Greetings from a new member

Hello all. My name is Mark, and I'm becoming addicted to a Boxster S conversion.
Yes, an LS V-8 swap. I never imagined I would be in this situation.
I've swapped 390 FE engines into 1960's F-150's, 400M's into 1956 Lincolns. Then this happened. I sold off my '56 Lincoln Premiere and had an urge for something smaller.
My wife has had RX-7's, MR2's, RX8's, and is now driving a 250SLK.
The bug for something smaller with more HP and a stick shift has bit hard! I picked up a 2001 S 6 speed with what was advertised with a failed IMS bearing for $2450. It was advertised as a perfect candidate for an electric conversion. I paid to have it towed home, then tried the key. It Ran!!! Smoked like a freight train, but ran with no major issues, or so it seemed. My hopes soared until I checked the dipstick. Yup, milkshake.
The exhaust pipes, intake manifold and air cleaner, radiators, and intake were all full of a sticky brown milkshake goo.
Now I have the engine out and am looking for options as to mounts to install a Chevy LS. I can fab everything but would prefer to buy something to put the main components where they belong. It seems no one is offering an affordable "kit" that actually works for mounting a different engine in this chassis. I am looking for motor mounts and it should not be this difficult. I have looked a the options from the company in Las Vegas. While they offer a "kit", I really don't want all of what they offer, nor do I want to maintain all of the accessories. Also not really interested in going the Audi route.
All other ideas are welcome! Thank you for allowing me to join your group! I'm in eastern Washington if anyone is local and would like to meet up.
Thanks, Mark

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Check out Renegade Hybrids in Las Vegas: Renegade Hybrids
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Thanks for the response, but I' a bit surprised at only one reply. I figured it would bring out both camps. I realize some of you are dyed in the wool preservationists, and some of you are not. That's part of the motor vehicle scene for sure. I'm a bit of both. I do have a 1912 Maxwell that I co-own with my brother. I will not modify it as my grandfather did a cosmetic restoration on it from the 1960's to the 1980's. That's family history. The Boxster, not so much. I can't see it ever being worth "preserving" in the foreseeable future. They simply made SO many of them and unless you have a low mile original in good shape, they are not worth preserving. I bought mine, full of wrinkles and dents, with clogged radiators, torn axle boots, and a trashed engine, lots of new parts followed by lots of abuse, and then discarded like yesterdays trash. My hope is to make it a fun, drivable, roadworthy machine again rather than selling off parts. Maybe someday it will be passed on to one of my kids although I can't imagine what they would do with it. Times are changing, and I wanted to do a more modern platform. Yes, Renegade has a neat bunch of parts, but I have several months until I can drive it and an inquisitive mind. Hence my request and my handle, something outsidetheboxster, as in outside looking in and out of the norm. I want to investigate using water passages off the back of the block for circulation to the radiator to reduce firewall cutting, less structural remodel work, etc. I don't need a 600HP ground pounder, just something reliable with a nice throaty sound to it. Rather old school in a modern package. I love the sound of a V-8 rowing through the gears on a cool fall morning. And I have a bit of a fun car fund from selling off other projects, so why not? Ideas for mounts that won't break the bank? Or any other suggestions? Any constructive comments or ideas as to how to proceed are welcome!
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Try posting your questions in the General Discussion section. Most members don’t check this sub forum.

There are tons of posts on LS swaps if you do a search. That’s the general idea I got from skimming your posts (sorry, but if you want people to read what you write, separate some paragraphs ).
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Good tips on using actual paragraphs, and on the starting a new thread.

I'll give it a go tonight.

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Spokane? The warm part of the state.

Yeah.. the Boxsters value may never rise to the level of its counterparts... but they look nice and drive well. Wrinkles and dents? Maybe in Washington, but here in Cali... I wouldn't be caught dead driving a dented and wrinkled piece of **************** anything. However, I can understand your position... cause I've seen how Washingtonians dress. It's like they don't care. If it wasn't for Washington state Ross, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls would be out of business. OK. I jest in part. I grew up in Washington. Tacoma. And, no, I'm not bragging about that. that said...

Maybe you can start a thread about your build. A V-8? That would be awesome! I'd certainly follow it.

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Ah, Tacoma. The land where the guys have man-buns and wear wool socks in their sandals. Back at ya! And kidding somewhat as well. I like it here on the warm dry side of the state.

Just to clarify, the car will be straightened and painted once I get the mechanicals sorted. Can't see doing that until I'm done leaning on it to reach the tight spots. It's not terrible, I was just making the point it's not perfect. A good paintless dent tech could fix 90 percent of it and then stick a bra on it to hide the scrapes on the bumper cover.

I will most likely start a build thread shortly once I get a bit further on parts gathering. Still deciding which engine to go with. My concern is it will be slow going. That makes me wonder if I should take notes and pics along the way and post it up when I'm done instead?

It seems to be a popular swap with a fairly small supply chain so far. Maybe I can change that. I'm in my mid-fifties and thinking a part time business might be a good idea. Who knows where that could lead. Most of my hobby experience revolves around wood working but metal is similar so far as measure twice cut once. Maybe put together a real kit with clear directions and diagrams....

We'll see what happens but guess I can start a thread either way. I'll see if I can figure out how to add pics too.
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make the kit 1/2 price than RH and you will have a market.
I would certainly entertain a ls3 in my boxster when the time comes, and certainly pay for a quality conversion kit.

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build thread

Hey All

I wanted to let you know that I did start a build thread, and I'm going to abandon this introduction.

Check it out under the usual thread location. Trust me, it will be slow going but hopefully worth the wait. Learning of some great new parts sources for this swap!


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