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New Porsche Owner - '04 986 aero - and a question or 2

So I'm signing on the dotted line tonight for my '04 986 5sp w/ aero kit (40k miles). It should be delivered to my doorstep in about 5-7 days. I'm so excited for it to arrive. I feel about as giddy as I did on Christmas morning as a little kid (except this time, I'm writing the check, ha).

I love motoring and love cars and have an appreciation for quality, so this was an easy choice. A bit of an upgrade over my current car, a Celica, which I bought new 10 years ago and put 207k repair free miles on it.

Thanks for having me and thanks for all the great info on here.

Ok, so a few newb... new owner questions and thoughts. Hey sorry, seeking out advice of experienced owners is inevitable.

1) How do people like the aero kit? I didn't think the boxster needed it, but this one had it and wasn't reflected in the price IMO, so I thought sweet. Plus if it helps any at higher speeds, even better.

2) Should get the ISMR now? Is the ISM going to inevitably fail on every 986? Or is it a crapshoot as to whether you got the bum ISM?

3) Will this car be a reliable daily driver? No, I'm not expecting fortune telling. But would other 986 owners drive their cars daily or is that just a cash sink. I have a good job, but I'm young and appreciate saving/retirement investing and have a perfectly fine and absolutely free daily driver sitting. When not driven, the Boxster will be garaged and covered. I've heard that some cars' engines perform better when used frequently and keeping a motor sitting stagnant all week really isn't saving the motor.

4) I'm not afraid to "bust up" my knuckles fixing/maintaining cars. So is there anything else I should do here with this new to me, but used Boxster? Any trouble spots I should assess, etc?

Thanks for any input/help. Really just general advice is always welcomed!

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it definitely is a sink hole for money... but its not because of things breaking.... rather uprgrading! everything I have bought and put into my car has been something new to make it more fun or exciting and maintenance like oil tires things like that.

and I drive my car every day.
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I love my boxster and don't know how I will ever part with it lol. So I say don't worry
about the cost of repairs it's worth it. The aero kit is like buying your wife diamonds. I
personally like the aero kit on the boxster...

Repairs are average and can happen to any car. I have been driving the Boxster for 8 years now and my only issue was this month. I had a coolant leak. Yes it was expensive to fix, but I'm sure if it was a Honda, it might of cost the same or maybe $200 less. It is a Porsche after all.

I don't drive my car daily, so I can't comment. But like any car, If you drive it everyday, it will get old fast. At the end of the day, just drive it as you please.

Find a good mechanic is all that I can say. The dealer is a scam!
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Thanks guys. I couldn't wait the week or so to have it delivered, so I flew out and drove it home. Plus something about writing a big check for a sight unseen car, let alone a Porsche, didn't sit entirely well with me.

I'm not sure I believe in love at first sight, but this was probably as close to it as I'll ever admit to. The description was vague and the photos were average. I do my walk around... hey look a Fabspeed exhaust. F'n Nice. I popped the boot and found myself a nice Alpine amp, double woot. Turned over quickly. The car purrs like the Beastmaster's tiger (never actually heard the Beastmaster's tiger purr, but I'm guessing this might be close to it). I didn't want to run it hard bc the water and oil temps were low when I first started it but it ran and shifted beautifully. I wrote the check and signed about as fast as I could

I'm not entirely sure how much work has been done just yet but this 986 moves unlike the '01 I test drove about a year ago. I can't wait to find out what has all been done or how much Fabspeed mods have been put on.

I'm one extremely happy 986 owner. Oh and rethinking some "assumptions" I made before owning a Porsche. 1) Forget the 5 speed you need a 6speed. 2) Triptronic isn't for enthusiasts 3) The S is the real boxster.

The 5 speed 2.7L Boxster is all the car I can handle right now. With me in the driver's seat on the open road, I'm the biggest limitation. I shift because my brains says I should, not bc the 986 is telling me to. Any assumptions I made before owning one were quite honestly ridiculous and probably unfair. oh also sitting through a traffic jam for 60 minutes and the triptronic seems to be the vastly superior tranny... my other car is a 5speed but the clutch is much more forgiving than on the 986 its clear this is an entirely different beast altogether.
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I like the look of aerokit too.
I drive my car every day as well, no major issues so far (its now at 92k miles).
+1 on avoiding dealerships; find a good indy or do the work yourself. Second will make you enjoy this car even more.
Post some pictures.
1983 928 S Euro- fun to work on
2002 Boxster- fun to work on, being able to drive it is a bonus
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Here's some lot photos. I put 1k miles on it last weekend, so need to take some quality time cleaning it up tonight and taking my own photos.

Happy dance.
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And a last one, passenger side.
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Seal grey - nice! I love that color... so much, in fact, that I tried to match it when I ordered my X5. BMW's Space Gray Metallic is close, but not perfect. Still, the Boxster and the X5 look good next to each other...
1999 Carrera 4 Aero kit 4" UD Pulley
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Looking sweet -- hope to see you around town!

Since rebuilding my 00 S. It's been a very reliable daily driver.

Put about 1K miles a month on it mostly around town.

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