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04 boxster special edition


Jorge Torralba
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Thanks for the review Jorge. I can't wait until a mag like C&D does a review. Does anyone know how porsche bumped up the power 6 or so hp? I wonder if it was exhaust/intake differences? The exhaust tips definately look different. I think I'll stick with two round ovals in that dept.

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I like the new Cobra too. Looks cool. Not a bad update to the original.
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We are guessing there is a cam change for the extra 6 hp since that is what was done for 2003. The exhaust tip is the optional bolt on tip that came out in 2003 - so it is nothing new except it is standard on the 550. I can't wait until I get my hands on one to check out the claimed 15% shift throw reduction. Jeff
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Does anyone make aftermarket cams for the box s or is that impossible to do with the vario cam. Also, could a box s owner throw in the 04 anniversary edition cam and bump up the hp?
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Tequipment Shifter?

Is it the same shifter as the Tequipment offering in the latest Christophorus? Looks like more than a 15% reduction if so... check out the two rightmost images:
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6HP is meaningless. Even Porsche admits this time there is no performance gain over the standard 'S'. The 6HP is just Porsche marketing for insecure buyers who want bragging rights over current 'S' owners (ooohhh my 'S' has more HP than your 'S'). I wish they would admit there is no real performance gain with the current S's measley 33HP mostly offset by the 80 lbs weight gain over the base. At least now they have implicitly admitted that there's a problem with the S tranny by including a short shifter. It still doesn't solve the problem. It's just a band-aid, and we must wait for the 987 'S' for the tranny issue to be fixed. They need to optimise the gear ratios specifically for the Boxster and NOT the 996.

John Brown from PPBB, a courageous and honest '04 'S' owner, explains:

"I've read that criticism ('S' tranny) in other reviews of the S over
the years since its introduction. The criticism is based on the fact that the S 6-speed gearing is the same as the Carrera 6-speed's gearing. Considering the S' considerably less power & torque than the Carrera's, it's easy to understand why either the S' engine is too little for its transmission or its transmission is too much for its engine. Many here & elsewhere have theorized Porsche did this intentionally, both to save $$ and to keep
the S way below Carrera performance territory IAW their marketing strategy.

All sounds reasonable to me. But the actual gear ratios of the S can pretty easily be compared to the Carrera specs & then we'll all know for sure. Data's probably even available on the net."
-John Brown of Northern Virginia

It's interesting that most 'S' owners refuse to believe this simple logic. They take any criticism of their precious 'S' so personally. I have always suspected that some 'S' owners may have self-esteem problems, what with their identity and self-esteem tied so tightly to their car's image. Mind you I don't think the 'S' is a terrible car just because there's an issue with the tranny. I would rather have an 'S' than an S2000 or Z4. It's just that the 2.7L base IS a better car than the 'S', because I personally couldn't take shifting in an 'S' daily. It would drive me crazy. I guess others have learned to live with it.

The great CFG had to dump his 'S' after two years because of the tranny:

"Drove 6000 miles in 2 years [Boxster 'S'] and the gearing was horrible in my opinion....I was unhappy with the Boxster 'S'...
The Boxster 'S' should have gotten the 5 speed gearbox of the 2.7..."
-Chris from Germany (CFG)
Admin for 996 board (http://www.funcarsonline.com/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php)

I can't wait for the 987. I think I will finally upgrade to the 987 'S' if finances allow.
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The new 04 anniversary edition is a nice marketing ploy by Porsche. The additional bump on price is outrageous for those measly 6 extra hp. I can see spending the money if Porsche had added some additional options as part of the deal like the aero kit or of something of similar value. The car does look sharp and like all Boxster it will be a blast to drive. Basically is all about cache.
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Originally posted by Pilot2519j
Basically is all about cache.
Me thinks marketing as well since we all know there is a 997 and 987 in the works. The 550 special edition is no different than the 911 anniversary edition. Something to move cars while we wait for the new models. When you see this it reminds me of the limited edition stuff like Eddie Bauer.
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^ the car does come with some standard option that the reg box s does not. It comes with the metallic paint, carrera wheels, xenons, bum warmers, gt3 delete console, painted crests, and a couple other things straight from the factory. Plus it comes with the short shifter and the 6 extra hp.

Another S in S, yeah the 987 will naturally improve upon some things over the 986, but have you seen it? It's friggin ugly. It can be the best car in the world, but if you wince when you look at it, who cares? Hopefully the production model will be alot better for porsche's sake.

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