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Detailing Question

Thought I would ask the pros....I have always understood it to be best practice to complete all of the detailing steps at once. For example, it takes a ton of time to wash, clean, seal....all at one time. Does anyone do this in steps....or do I just need to keep blocking out 4-5 hours to do it all at once? Unfortunately my garage is not the cleanest environment, so the car would definitely get dusty....just curious...

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Good question!

I very rarely do it all in one day, for the reason you stated! It takes all day!!

I may wash it one day, park in the garage, and then wax the car or a part of the car, park back in the garage, and then remove & buff the wax (Zaino) off the next day or 2 days later. Then wax the wheels, wax on one day, wax off the next. Maybe I Rejex the bumpers and mirrors one day. In other words, I do what I can, when I can.

I have not noticed my car getting dirty or dusty when just sitting in the garage for a few days or 2 weeks.

Obviously this works for me, especially because this is not my daily driver. For others, this process would prove very challenging.
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Yep, actually its best do it all at once because you want to keep the car as clean as possible when you are laying down the sealant layer. After you do your two coats of sealant (for best coverage) you typically let it cure over night. Clean off the surface the next day with a spray cleaner and add your monthly wax topper in either paste or spray form. After a wash don't wax the car again. Use a spray wax booster like so many that available (Dura Gloss Aqua Wax, FK 425, Z8, Mothers Reflections, etc.)

p.s. 4-5 hours on the exterior only? Maybe if it was a Licoln Navigator!
You should be able to do the seasonal Boxster 'wash and seal' in under 3 hours and that's being meticulus.

Washing 20 minutes (including 10 minute pre soak). Claying while the car is still wet (45 minutes or no more than 10 mins per panel). Quick wash again to clear the remnants that broke loose during claying, 10 mins. So basically 1-1.5 hours of prep.
Polisihing, 5 minutes per panel. Rinse down clear away any dried up bits of polish 15 minutes, .5 -1.0 hours of polishing.
Sealing, again 5 minutes per panel. 40 minutes. The more carefully you prep the paint the easier the sealant will go on and off. So basically 45 minutes to an hour for sealing.

And you only have do all that 3 or four times a year depending on your climate and if its garaged or not.
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This is not my daily driver either so I can be flexible. I must have missed the memo on letting the sealant cure... . Thanks for the tips...
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Iowa, why is your garage so dusty?

You could always cover it between steps to keep it cleaner. Just a thought!

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Dusty Garage

The garage is dusty for a couple of reasons.

1. The way it is situated if the door is open for even a little bit the wind will blow leaves and all sorts of crap in it.

2. We live in an older house so my garage doubles as my woodshop. Once we get the house done it will be much better.

The good thing about my garage is that it is mostly underground, stays between 45-50 deg year round.

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I wash and wax the car with Zaino at least every two weeks and have found that application of the Zaino is improved if I let the car sit in the garage for several hours after washing and before waxing. I get more of a shine it seems. I rarely Zaino it the same day that I wash it. I wait until the next day to apply the Zaino but I do not get any noticeable dust on it over night.
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I'll add another vote for waiting. I wash in the afternoon, then garage the car, and detail in the garage at night, or next day. Sometimes I leave a coat on overnight, and buff off the next morning. I have one more step in between the wash/detail though. When I bring the newly-washed Boxster into the garage, I fire up the air compressor, and blow the standing water out of the crevices - like the trunk gutters, and under the clamshell, behind the mirrors etc. Otherwise, it seems like no matter how long I leave it to drip-dry, there's always someplace water hides indefinitely.
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No matter when I do it (I tend to do it all at once, it's a daily driver so I use accelerator with the Zaino as well) I always use a high pressure air source to drive out moisture from all crevices. There are even more places for water to "hide" now that I have a hard top!

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