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800 Miles a week - any other road warriors out there?

Just curious - are there any other road warriors out there? I'm currently commuting 800 miles a week (PHX 2 SAN). Been racking up lots of valuable miles. Just flipped 120k on my 2001 S.

I've been getting a solid 25mpg at 85mph running through the desert lately with the outside temp last week topping 120f. Very thankful for the 3rd radiator, but am seriously considering installation of an oil temp gauge just to keep an eye on things.

At, 3,200 miles a month, oil change intervals are about every 2+ months, and I scored some Mobil1 hi-mileage 10/40 synthetic at WalMart a couple weeks ago at $22.50 for a 5 quart jug. That's $4.25 a qt! I was paying like $8.50qt. at Checker last time. Lots less hassle than dealing with all the 1qt. bottles, because I used to have to buy 2 6qt cases, and then have 2.7 qts floating around. I really don't burn oil, so I pour in the 9.3, and use the spare half qt. to top off my 96 'Burban.

I bought the car 3 years ago, as second owner, with 54k on it, and have really driven the wheels off. Love how solid and dependable it is I had put a new clutch in at 60k, and did the IMS bearing then. No other problems since. Although 2nd and 3rd (6spd manual) is a bit graunchy when cold.

For those that don't live in desert, the Boxster is the ultimate Hot Climate car with respect to staying cool. I was one of the first Miata owners back in '89, and had that for 17 years and 165,000 wonderful miles. But it wasn't the coolest running car in Phoenix, because the exhaust was tucked so tight up in the tunnel, and after a couple hours on the road, you would just start cooking thigh meat as the
whole floorpan heated up. But the Boxster - wow, all the hot stuff is out back, and with the dash vents and floor vents going, I'm a cool 68 degrees inside (footwells too) while I've seen city temps running 125f on the blacktop. Never a complaint from the engine room.

Has anybody noticed a slight engine harmonic at 3050 rpm? It has had it since I purchased. Kind of a pain at times, because its right at 82mph, so I have to run either 80 or 84mph in 6th. Luckily in AZ, the speedlimit is 75, and there's typically a 10mph "safe zone" so I always leave the cruise set at 84.

Interestingly enough I've noticed that the car picked up some HP in the last 10k miles. Just feels faster since I flipped 110k. Don't know why. Winds up quicker than it used to. I try to get it up to 100mph at least once a week. Just to "keep the carbon blown out" as Dad used to say.

I will need to do plugs and coils in the near future - starting to feel a less smooth idle at times. As far as I know, the plugs were changed at 50k miles, which means I've got 70k on these. Any suggestions on plug mfg/number for a high mile car that's always running in the heat?

Probably will go through the whole ignition system with new stuff, so would appreciate any advice for parts source too.

After 65k miles, this car still puts a smile on my face every day I drive it. I love the way it handles, and the awesome brakes have saved me from wrinkling sheetmetal a couple times. Even though one time, they didn't, but that was because I had nowhere to go. Was coming up to a greenlight doing 35mph, just went over my crosswalk, and the oncoming left turn lane, stupid Honda Accord turned directly in front of me. I had time to clamp the binders for 1 second, scrubbed about 10mph and T-Boned him in the passenger door. Sent the Honda to the junkyard on a flatbed, and both occupants to the hospital on backboards. Didn't even deploy my airbag, and just scuffed up the nose of the car. Hit hard enough tho to pop the domelight lens off in my lap, and put a slight wrinkle in the leading edge of my hood.

Overall, I have zero complaints about the car, it just keeps running like a champ.


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I did about 3500 miles last week. I have 3 porsches and put at least 10K miles a year on each one. Tires and gas are our biggest living expense.
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Fantastic post!

I put 36K miles a year on my car(s) commuting each year. But not all of them are on the Boxster. Most are put on my Civic (great mileage). Plus, getting through the endless construction and smash-a-thons that occur EVERY day during the DFW Metroplex rush hour can be nerve racking!

But your story is indeed inspiring for people considering utilizing their Boxsters as DDs on long highway runs.

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From March through November, I drive about 15,000 Porsche miles. The 993 Turbo sees about 8,000 miles and the 987S gets another 7,000. Usually on sunny weekends. No cummuting. The Explorer gets those duties.......about 35,000 per year.
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800 miles a week is amazing! My 01 S is my DD mid-April through October, averaging about 300 miles/week. Just broke the 100K barrier during my road trip late May/early June.

Temps never get that high in Milwaukee, extremes are in the 90s. But I agree, when it gets there, the Boxster stays cool inside.

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My back hurts now just thinking about it...why did I read this post.

Oh great post by the way, just painful.
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I do about 800 miles a week. Mostly with a BMW 3251. If it konks out I'll be using the Boxster. Glad to see it will be up to the challenge.
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Originally Posted by WhipE350 View Post
My back hurts now just thinking about it...why did I read this post.

Oh great post by the way, just painful.
Congrats on using your Box that much and in that heat. Yes I am similarly afflicted with a PITA(my rear end that is) while doing long distance driving whether I am driving the Box or our Camry. However I will tolerate it next winter driving down to Arizona and California.
You live in a great part of the world - this time of the year not so much!

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