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New Member/Porsche Owner Introduction

Hello. I have exclusively owned BMWs for the last 20 years, but try not to hold that against me! I've had a couple of my car buddies suggest I try out a Porsche and I just came across a really good deal on a 2002 Boxster for sale locally. So I decided to give it a try.

I've only owned it for about 24 hours so far, but it's definitely making an impression. What a fun little car. Now I see why all of the car mags rave about it.

I've been trying to absorb as much info as I can about it and have already learned a lot. But there is still a long way to go!

I didn't get an owner's manual (shocking, I know) and do have a few basic questions I'm hoping to get answered.

1. Every time I unlock the door and get in, the alarm goes off. The key has (well, used to have) buttons to remotely lock and unlock the car, but they no longer function. So I have to actually put the key in the lock and turn it to lock/unlock the doors. Am I doing something wrong to keep setting it off?

2. I can't figure out the headlight switch! I am assuming that you turn it clockwise and then pull it out to turn on the headlights. But they won't turn on. The smaller lights at the bottom of the cluster will turn on, and if I hold the turn signal lever back, the high beams will come on. But I can't figure out how to turn on the low beams!

3. The car has about 96K miles on it and the suspension is a little creaky. Are there common items that need replacement? On BMWs, the links connecting the anti roll bars are pretty notorious. I noticed the noise pulling into my driveway which requires going over a pretty high curb (and at an angle so the air dam doesn't scrape the driveway). Whoever built the development i live in must have assumed that everybody would drive SUVs and pickups. Because anything else will bang its chin backing out or pulling in.

I'll get the car cleaned up and post some pictures as soon as I can.

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Welcome I can try to help with the headlight. On mine, turn to the right one position does running lights, turn past that to the second position does low beams. Pulling the switch out once does front fogs, and a little further lights the rear fog. This is on my 04 S at least, hope it helps
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Thanks! I just tried that and still no headlights. I wonder if both the low beams are just burned out? Is there a warning light on the dash if a bulb is burned out? I don't see anything like that.
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you have to put the key in the ignition and turn it 1 click to disable the alarm within like 10 seconds or something
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If you use the key to manually unlock the door, the alarm will activate unless you put the key in the ignition switch and turn it to the first position within 10 seconds.

With the light switch, simply turn it to the second click without pulling it out, to turn on the low beams. Pulling it out turns on fog lights and parking lights, as already mentioned.

As far as I can tell there is no warning indicator for blown headlamps.

My rear suspension arms had to be replaced at about 45000 miles, and reports of suspension work are common on this forum, so I guess Boxsters are like BMWs.

(This is for my 2004 base 986)
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Have you tried turning the lights on when the key is in and turned on. My low beam lights do not light unless the key is turned on the engine run position.
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Thanks for the tips guys!

So, since I have to lock the door with the key, I'll have to turn on the ignition within 10 seconds of opening the door? Every time? That is going to get old! Good thing the ignition is on the left of the steering column. I'm almost afraid to ask, but how much is a new key that can lock/unlock the doors remotely? Can the alarm be disabled without causing other problems? At least until I can get a new key.

I did some reading on the headlights, and I think I may have a bad switch. I replaced the bulbs, checked the fuses, and pulled the switch and sprayed electrical contact cleaner into it. I also put dielectric grease on the connector. No joy. I can pull the knob and both front and rear fog lights work, and if I pull the turn signal lever toward me (flash to pass), I have high beams. But if I push the lever forward, I have nothing. I haven't noticed any other electrical weirdness, which may point to a bad ignition switch. Which leaves the headlight switch as the likely culprit. The best price I could find on one was about $100. I'd hate to buy one and have that not be the problem. Is there anything else that it could be?
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I just love porsche cars. These cars basically use for racing. I just love racing and love to drive cars at high speed.

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