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Coolant Dump

Hi folks okay i had an issue with the cap approx 3 months ago and replaced the cap and all was fine no coolant dump or condensation on boot lid , then today out of the blue it dumps again right in front of the drivers side rear wheel.

The temperature light didnt shine nor did the temp climb it was sat at approx 85ish the fan had kicked in and before i left for my very short 2 mile drive i had checked the water and it was on the max level.

Reason i checked was yesterday i noticed the cap was hissing again and there was a small amount on codensation on the boot lid.

The water that was dumped on the floor was cold not hot yet the system emptied below the min level , then for a brief moment the temp light flashed a few times then stopped.

My question is , could it be the cap again , ive only done approx 400 miles and i would of thought the water would of been hot or at least warm to the touch , this time the dump was just a trickle rather than a complete dump like before.

No oil in header tank
No white sludge on dipstick or oil cap
No misfire
No stored or pending fault codes
No white smoke or steam from the exhaust
No MIL Light activation

thnx in advance

Boxster 2000 3.2s 113300 miles
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You may have had an air lock in the system that needs "burping" out.
Under the coolant (and oil) filler cap there is a black plastic cover - remove it and you will see a chrome D shaped toggle which needs to be lifted into its verticle (open) position. Fill the coolent bottle to the max mark, replace the coolant cap and drive the car for at least 2 or 3 heat cycles. You can drive for a couple of days with the D ring bleeder open - just keep checking the coolant level and top up as required. The expansion / contraction should free the system of air bubbles.....
Put D ring bleeder back into closed position when fluid level consolidates.
2001 Boxster S (triple black). Sleeping easier with LN Engineering/Flat 6 IMS upgrade, low temp thermostat & underspeed pulley.
2001 MV Agusta F4.
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Hi Steve

Many thnx mate i will give that a go i bled the system once before and did it again yesterday but only 1 heat cycle and not driving as i wasnt sure if you could leave the bleed clip in the up position while driving i will give it a go and post how i get on for anyone else that finds themselves with the same issue.

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Drove mine for an entire weekend trip (approx 250 miles) with the bleeder open to get the air out after a coolant change...successful.

Many racers never close the thing, so you certainly won't harm anything by leaving it open.
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Check your fans

I had a very similar experience with my car (2001 S). My temp needle never moved from around 180 but I dumped coolant all over the parking lot. It emptied almost the whole coolant reservoir. I had recently replaced the cap and refilled the system, had it supposedly vacuum bled by the dealer, and it still boiled over through the cap and dumped down the drain. It turned out that I didn't have the driver's side fan running properly. There is a resistor that according to a local Indy mechanic goes bad somewhat regularly. When it goes bad you lose one of the fan speeds and it can cause the car to dump coolant. That's what happened to mine. They replaced the resistor and the cooling system works fine now.
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Thnx folks for replying , today i stripped the boot out and found the middle hose had white residue all over the top of the hose , so i took it off checked for splits and put a new clamp on both ends re-filled the system just with distilled water and left the air bleed clip in the upright position.

I then connected it to my laptop and ran the software i have to check the temp etc etc , it was running at mid 80's the inlet temp was 30 , after a while it crept to 91 and the fans both sides kicked in.

I left it run a while more and then shut her off and underneath i had a few small drips certainly not the dump i had before and again the drips were cold water , so i now await my new cap and then i will redo all the tests again.

The fluid level was at the max and after running for a while with the cap off i was checking for bubbling etc as soon as i put the cap on the level rose out of sight after cooling after switch off it returned to the max mark.
Boxster 3.2s 2000 Artic Silver
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