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Coolant condesation and hissing sound

Alright I posted before about my headache with the porsche dealer. They charged me all this money for a cap & pressurizing the system. Mean while I brought it back to them 4 times. now they told me to go away. And th coolant light was still blinking and the car ran pretty high above 180 on the meter.

I called my old mechanic. He said it probably is low on coolant.
I filled it up and the coolant light went away.

After i drive I still hear a sound like air is escaping from the coolant cap and the top of the trunk is misty wet. not dripping but a fine layer. When the car is hot after a drive there is mist coming out from under the cap.
The dealer claims they changed the cap twice because of 2 faulty caps

1. Is this normal for the hissing sound. there is no coolant on the right rear floor. there is no puddle in the trunk and there is no coolant in the resvoir.

2. Also I noticed that when the car was driven that the coolant level has a inch of whitish looking bubbles and then after a couple of minutes as it cools the coolant is back to normal pink color. Is this normal

3. when do you measure the coolant level. after the car sits over night or after you just drove it. also do you check it with the bleeder paper clip thing up or down


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"...whitish looking bubbles..."

Damn bro, I hope you don't have a cracked head. With you saying that you've been back to the dealer multiple times for repeat coolant caps, level being low and whitish bubbles might mean just that. The cracked head will start allowing exhaust into the coolant system and raise the temp to include over pressurizing the system (exhaust gas) to the point of it venting out, loosing coolant. The dealerships mechanic should have caught this, since they haven't figured it out yet I'd be questioning their troubleshooting ability and asking for some money back because of incompetence.

Good luck, hope your car is still under warranty. Maybe thats why your dealer doesn't what you back.

P.S. Go to this website and read these posts. Do any of them sound like your symptom's? http://www.2carpros.com/topics/whitesmk.htm
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"normal pink color"
mine is blue? are you using the porsche-correct coolant?

also, do you ever have a leak of coolant on the ground in front of the passenger rear tire? a loss of coolant indicates a leak somewhere.. so you can replace the cap all you want, but it would still leak right?
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Just a guess, but it sounds to me as if the coolant bleed valve (paperclip thingy) is either open, or the seal is bad.
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I did a lot of research. The oil on the dip stick does not have milkshake color. it is normal. The yellow oil cap has no whitish or milky color either just oil drop on the top of the cap. Now that the car sat overnight. there is no bubbly stuff on top of the coolant.

But when I open the cap I heard a lot of air escape and teh coolant level rose about 1-2 inches.

There is no oil comingout of the tale pipe or smoke.

The car rides normal like it always did. no power loss. And it is not over heating.

I am going to try changing the o-rings in the bleeder. The Porsche scumbag dealer I just went to said they changed it and the cap. I highly doubt they did.

So I am assuming from all this tht I don't have a blown head gasket.

Is it normal for air to come out when you open the coolant cap. And does the level rise as well.

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