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HELP gas tank or gas pump problem?

I searched and could not find anything on this...

This morning I was attempting to fill up... the gas started to bubble out immediately when I started to pump... so I figured maybe it was the pump. I backed up the the next one and same problem.

Is this a problem with the pump/station... or my gas tank? And if it's my gas tank what could possibly be wrong? I have around 1/4 tank right now in there.

Thanks for any help.

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I found something...

I guess it could be a slipped tube and valve problem?
The FAQ's said this is a dealer fix and takes several hours...
Has anyone ever done this? I have a repair manual and have done plenty of work on my cars so I might try and do something myself... I do not have my repair manual here at work though so I cannot look anything up at the moment. I do however have to get home and need to get gas!!!!

Just looking for thoughts...

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As you've found, there is lots of info in archives. Know that it depends on what MY you have to fix problem...

If post '00, most likely the issue is a blown fuse. In a quiet place put you finger in gas filler neck pushing metal flap out of the way. You should here a little click. If not, check fuse E6 to see if it's blown. If so, replace and check for click again. If you get the click, try filling up. If doesn't fix, then yes, you may have a problem like bad EVAP or charcoal canister (IIRC) but I suspect w/ how fast gas is bubbling back out, this should fix your problem. In the other issue (usually pre '00) the pump usually just shuts off at a rate other than trickle fill.

Pre '00 typically have an issue w/ slipped fuel sending unit tubes. They slide around blocking the filler neck flap causing the pump to shut off if you fill at a rate faster than a trickle (due to back pressure not allowing air being displaced by fuel to vent). The TSB calls for removing the fuel sending unit from the tank and securing (w/ zip ties) the 2 flexible tube to the side of the fuel sending unit opposite of the filler neck flap. If you're a contributing member on RennTech you can view the TSB by searching on Fuel Tank Hose Modification (3/99 2015).

That being said, I intermitently have this issue on my '99. I keep meaning to perform the TSB, but have been able [knock on wood] to fix the issue w/ an "Italian tune-up". Basically, w/ a 1/2 tank of gas, I go for a verrrry spirited drive - lots of twisties, and numerous hard brakings from 70 down to 25. Enough to get the gas to slosh around a lot nad hopefully loosen the tubes back away from the filler neck flap. So far, I'm 4 for 4 in my TSB fix

Hope one of the above fixes your issue. Good luck
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Old 10-09-2008, 06:28 AM   #4
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Thanks for the advise Burg!

I went out to my car just now and switched the fuse... didn't look blown... but I changed is none the less. We'll see if it takes gas when I make a trip pretty soon.

I'll keep you posted.

Mine is a 2000 by the way.
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Old 10-09-2008, 08:09 AM   #5
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Okay, here's the deal... I switched the fuse... but I did not do the test beforehand where you listen for the click when pushing in the gas filler neck cap. So I do not know if it clicked or not with the old fuse. I should have done that first to see if the fuse was the problem.
I did have a "spirited" drive to the gas station and was able to pump gas without a problem!!! But I do not know if that's because of the fuse or the "spirited" drive.
I think later at home I'll put the old fuse back in and see if I get the clicking sound... if so then I guess it was the drive that did it! If not then it was indeed the fuse. Either way I'll be able to get home now!!!

Thanks for the help... I'll post if it was the fuse or not when I can get to it.
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Old 10-12-2008, 06:17 AM   #6
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my box is a "00" vintage, and this sounds exactly like what mine is giving me problems with. I suspect since mine is not a daily driver it's more susceptable to this? sometimes I can only fill it to 3/4 full drive around a little and then I can get more fuel in.
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Old 11-30-2008, 01:27 PM   #7
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what now?

I searched and found this thread when I had a problem filling my 2003 S - fuse E-6 looks good, and I hear the 'click' when I depress the metal flap, but the problem persists. I have not yet tried the 'spirited drive' fix, but looking beyond the chance that will fix it, any other suggestions short of dealer / mechanic intervention? I don't have a diagram of the system, so I can't envision what could be going on to cause such a severe 'blockage' ...

2003 Boxster S - Speed Yellow
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