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Personal Tags Suggestions...

Hey Guys,

It time for me to replace the temporary tags with some real ones. I was thinking about getting personalized tags but can't come up with any clever ideas.

Does anyone want to share any sugestions? I live in Maryland.


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if you can have seven digits or more, you can really have some great abbreviated plates... here in Texas, we can only have six, which makes it hard.

There have been a few threads on this website you should search through and see what was posted.
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I know a guy who has one that says HRDKORE or something like that. It fits him. It all depends on your personality and you though. What do you do for a living and what do you like or do you just want it to say something about your car? I thought if I ever do get a boxster that BXTRELA might be cute (like Cinderella) but nobody might get it. It's got to fit you and the car so tell us more.
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Well ya gotta be careful out there-
the other day I was out getting brunch when a couple of ladies passed by and noticed my plates and one of them said to the other: Look at those plates - how rude! I guess they didn't bother to notice the make of car.

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RandallNeighbohr, six letters?


oh wait I didn't read the last post.
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Here's mine (see my pic). It's my message to 911-snobs.
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After I bought my Box I went through the same personalized plate ordeal. The best one I came up with for my Tiptronic car was "STXRDUM" (and, no, I don't want to resurrect the Tip vs manual forum war from six months ago).
Most of the others had something to do with the yellow color, like "MELOYLO" or "YELOBOX" or something equally silly. Fortunately all the "yellow" ones seemed to already be on Dodge pickups and whatnot.
In my mind the best personalized plates are the ones that have meaning on two levels. They have a meaning to the general public, and another meaning to those familiar with the type of car it is on. For example a few years ago I had an MGB with the plate "KILR B". Everybody has heard of "killer bees" even if they don't know anything about MGs. An MG enthusiast in addition would recognize the other meaning, assuming they were generous enough to think of a turd-brown rubber bumper B as a "killer" anything.
If in addition my name had been Bob and I killed defenseless animals for sport I would have had the rare, almost mythical, three-level plate, with a general meaning, a car-specific meaning, and a hidden owner-specific meaning! Lots of luck in coming up with one like that.
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I have personal tags on my Boxster (in my state they call them "vanity plates" ). I ordered the plates in the time I had on my hands while waiting for delivery - all part of the excitement of first getting the car. After having them for a few years it has been a mixed bag...

- compliments from other Porsche/Boxster owners on the plates themselves (they get it)

- questions from others like "xxxyyy - what's that mean?" and then the inevitable "oh, OK" response showing they still don't get it

and then the annoying and dangerous:

- I was stuck in a traffic jam for 25 minutes with some rediculous teenage girl passenger in a car 1 lane beside and behind me calling out the plate wording at the top of her lungs the whole time (yes, all too true - I doubt she would have been yelling "123-ABC" the whole time if I had a generic plate, but then again... maybe she would have liked the sound of her own voice saying that too...)

- numerous situations of "sticky" tailgating closely behind me at highway speeds and similar rediculousness not related to any obvious action on my part (not cutting anyone off, etc.) - often by pickup trucks/SUVs and of all things minivans! (my plate also has remote connotations of my having big $$$ - which, though it isn't true, the car marque does nothing to dissuade)

and on the practical side:

- if you happen to like to speed, would you rather some highway cell phone vigilante having to remember some random six or seven digits or "TOO FST"? Which would stick out more to the highway patrol?

One other little bit of annoyance: in my state, vanity plates have to be renewed *every year* and for some reason they also require you to get a real live insurance stamp on the renewal form as well (standard plates have longer periods, don't require the stamp to be obtained, and can all be done by mail).

Other than for the sentimentality which has me still renewing them at this point, I don't think I'd go the custom plate route again...

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