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Performance Cars, Street Driving?

I went to my local independent Porsche mechanic the other day and saw a dozen or so Porsches of different ages. Most of them were tweeked to be true performance street driving machines. It got me thinking about my driving habits on the road and the driving habits others that own performance cars.

For myself, I would consider myself a reasonable street driver (maybe nobody else would...). That is to say 98+% of the time I go just 5 mph over the posted speed limit, obey the all the laws of the state, only get in the left lane on a multi-lane road when I am passing others and I am polite to other drivers.

But..... if there is a onramp with no traffic, or if I find myself on some of the almost empty country roads where I live, I drive my car in a more "spirited" fashion. I know it is inappropriate to drive in a spirited fashion on any public roads, but sometimes I find it hard to resist, and I am driving a modest 2.7L 2000 Boxster.

Makes me wonder what fellow forum members, as well as folks with the big hp performance cars are like on the road. So, if you wish to share your driving habits, what kind of driver are you on the street with your Boxster, I promise I will not tell.....


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Cool performance cars, street driving ?

i can only agree with you edevlin?, we are just blessed to be owning and driving these beautiful machines that sometimes we can't just resist the urge to overrev or go over the speed limit within the tolerance of the law.. meaning if you do it in a clear and civilized way, cops are more understanding of them and people in general are not pissed of and curse at you..
during spirited driving, listening to the sound of the mid-engiine is music to the ear and if done responsibly one should not feel guilt or anything, besides whether we like it or not these Boxsters are a thing of beauty standing still or in motion..
Just my 2 cents ! enjoy !
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I drive pretty similarly. I tend towards the more 'spirited' approach if all of the following apply: 1) little chance of the local boys-in-blue running radar (which is why I, like you, tend to like entrance ramps, especially long ones); 2) virtually no chance of pedestrian encounters; and, to be sure regarding the pedestrian thing, 3) I look for places where visibility on either side of the road is good (no parked vehicles, for example, that some kid, a dog, etc. can jump out from behind).

Kind of broke the rules a little last night. Was driving the Box on Kent State Univ. campus last night, just after dark, to pick up my wife who teaches there. BEAUTIFUL night, probably 60 degrees, clear (though dark) sky, top down, etc. Took a turn and punched it a little. Very shortly thereafter, saw the blue lights come on behind me. Quickly went submissive: pulled right over, turned the music way down, sat with my hands visible on the top of the steering wheel, etc. Big campus cop comes walkin' up to the side of the car, supressing a slight grin, says "How ya' doin' this evening?" "Well, I was doin' great til about 30 seconds ago" was my response. He says "Well, you're still doing good...just slow it down a bit, OK?" "Sure, no problem. I appreciate it." [Him cutting me a break, that is; he turns to start walking back to his car] "By the way, what did you clock me at?" I ask as an afterthought. [It's a 25 MPH zone. Does anyone else besides me find it agonizing to drive 25?] "Gotcha at 45...and you were decelerating."

"Thanks again, officer. You have yourself a good night"

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I would consider my driving spirited. My driving habits are similar to yours with a few exceptions. I tend to take most corners at about 18+ mph (normally at about 25mph), just because I can, and accelerate faster than most of the cars around me to get out of the pack of cars (it's safer; ), but I don't go over the speed limit more than 4-5mph.

I also enjoy doing some quick accelerating on onramps, and the only time I break the law is when I am driving in the middle of no where for a few miles and the speed limit is 30mph, I might push it up to 40-45mph. There are two or three roads like that around my house, and everyone does it, including the cops. The only other one is the uphill 90 curve in front of my house that has a 35mph speed limit. I normal take the curve at about 45mph, because what's the point of a Porsche if you don't enjoy yourself a little every know and then.
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Well, one thing I have to be very careful to look out for where I live is potholes and other road hazards. So quite often I am driving more slowly than some other drivers in larger cars or trucks. But I'm finding that since I've gotten my car I am always looking for smoother streets to driv eon and prettier routes to travel if I want to put the top down. Unfortunately I don't have much opportunity to really have a ton of fun driving as a lot of my driving is in traffic, but there are a few curves in the road I've found to be a lot of fun and look forward to driving in those locations.

The other night I was coming back from Wendy's and a car kept driving too close behind me. I could tell he was in a higher up vehicle that wasn't a sports car. Since I had a big drink in the cup holder I didn't want to go too fast, but I can't stand people riding on my bumper. What's worked for me in the past was to get to a windy stretch of road that I'm familiar with and speed up. It worked with the teenager in the Chevy Lumina that was tailing me one day. Well, this particular night it didn't work. I sped up and went around the curve and he was right there with me. When I finally turned and saw him pass by I realized he was in a BMW M3.

Overall though I really don't drive that fast. On the highway I've found myself being passed up by a lot of giant trucks and SUVs.
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I'm much like you Ed in your driving habits. And I'll add that I autocross the boxster 8-10 times a year as well. But mine is still bone stock.

Orlando - 99 BMW M Coupe (autocross toy), '11 Mazdaspeed 3 (dog hauler), '99 10AE Miata (the new daily driver)
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Ed I'm in the exact same boat as you. However by my house there are several highway ramps. The kind where you exit off the highway , posted with a big yellow sign 25mph. I love to take these at 45~50mph, the tires just barely making that noise when you corner too fast. I mean these are intense curves ! But that is really the only situation where I drive quite 'spirted'. Virginia speeding laws are notriously strict But once again WHY even have a Porsche if you don't DRIVE it once in a while.
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Here in the mega-burbs? When theres the rare chance of some open turns and straights, and I can see far enough down the road to stop for bozo, green light means go...

Regards, PK

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