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is it safe to use 6 month old gas?

Hi guys,

I see alot of other posts from mid-westerners screwed by the long winter season this year : )

When the early winter came I had to put up the '04 - S much too early. It was stored with more than 3/4 of the gas tank full. I did not put in any stabilizer to make matters worse.

Is it ok to drive it with this old gas or should I drain the tank and fill it up with new gas? A local Firestone agreed to dispose of the old fuel.

What do you guys think?

Thanks all!

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If your gas has any ethanol content (near me, its 10% ethanol) you will want to be a bit cautious. Draining a tank can be a bit laborious. I would recommend a couple cans of "heet" or "dry gas" to absorb any moisture (and ethanol attracts water) to dry it up. I would drive a bit carefully untill the tank is used up., perhaps mixing with "fesh" premium along the way. Could be you will notice nothing.

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Racer D sounds like he knows more about this than I do, however if were me, I would drain it.

My understanding is that you don't want to leave gas in your tank for more than one month. Since it has been in there for 6 months, I would just get rid of it. Yes, it might be a pain, but it seems like with these cars, people are rewarded for being a bit anal with regards to maintenance issues.
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If the Firestone guys really do drain it without hurting the sender/float/whatever and do not charge much, I think I'd have them do it just for the piece of mind. Of course cynic that I am I'd watch the process...
Good luck - and remember what racer_d said: this is free advice!!
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When my car is stored for winter, I use Sta-Bil in a very-very tank.

If I were in your situation, I would drain it too. Can't you just use some rubber tubbing, and drain it out? Try to get 10-12 gallons out. Have 5 gallons of fresh gas to add back. Then go to the nearest gas station ASAP for a fill-up.

Take a good road trip 300-400 miles and use up that fuel too. Then another tank full of fresh gas.

If you notice any problems, use a can of Chevron fuel cleaner with Techron. Do an oil change after the gas treatment.
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Oh, I would add a gallon at a time of the 6-month old gas to your daily driving family mobil, as long as it has a near full tank. I really don't think one gallon of "old" gas to 18-22 gallons of freash gas will hurt things much.

Hate to throw away $4.00 per gallon fuel.

Home Depot has nice red 5-gallon plastic gas cans for about $8.00.
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Geez louize! Throw a can of dry gas in it and then fill the rest of the tank with name brand 93. Then drive it for 150 miles. Wipe smile off face and repeat. Don't worry, be happy.
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I don't know quite as much about this, but if it were me. I would fill up the other 1/4 of the tank with new premium, and then fill up again at about 1/2 tank. I wouldn't worry so much about it. It's not like the car isn't going to run because the gas is old.
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I'll agree with Rick's assessment. Fill the tank, drive it awhile and fill the tank again. One more time and you'll be home free. You might want to loosen your tank cap, if you haven't already and let the vapors escape before you try to crank it.

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You're fine with the "old" gas. I use to work at a dealership when I was in HS and sometimes cars would be sitting on the lot for months without ever being driven even half a mile so yes they all had "old" gas and all the cars seemed fine.
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Thanks guys, lots of useful ideas. I'm off to get a siphon and gas can and put some of the gas in the daily driver. If I can get 5-10 gallons out and fill it right back up it sounds like I'll probably be in good shape.

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Yep, fill the tank with gas from the busiest station in your area - likely the 'freshest' and the 'driest'. Add a can of Lubro-Molly Jectron and go! Refill at 1/2 Tank, again, the busiest station, and fohgetaboutit....
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jectron : )

i would say its ok, but if you are really worried, add some octane back in, using something like Torco. gas that sits looses octane.

but taking some out for the daily, then putting in fresh 91/93 octane will not hurt anything.
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