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Thumbs up porsche moments

anybody ever get porsche moments like these?

i was driving on the fwy and noticed 2 late-model porsche carreras cruisin ahead. i passed by and gave 1 a 'thumbs up' to say 'nice car!'. down the road a bit, we sort of did this porsche caravan where we all lined up for about 7 - 9 miles just cruisin on a sunny day.

i drove by an '05 or later one nite. 5 mins later i noticed he filed right behind me for about 5 miles then just chg'd lanes and went on his way.

times like these make me appreciate the car i bought...not in an egotistical way. i read somewhere on a porsche content website(don't remember where) that porsche does things to ... 'advance the crest'!!

drive it kool

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I got behind a Cayman once on a Highway and hung with him for a few miles, but he was one of those people that buys a Porsche, "because it's a Porsche," not an enthusiast.
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Funny, .....everytime I see a Porsche I'm usually in my truck trying to keep up!
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Old 01-23-2008, 07:20 AM   #4
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Unfortunately, I have been conditioned to believe that most Porsches I see on the road belong to non-enthusiast, don't-care-that-it's-supposed-to-be-a-sports-car type. The kind who buy it as a luxury car or status symbol, so I don't usually show love unless I'm shown love first.

When I had my Boxster, I had people in 964s flashing their brights at me. I was surprised.
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Old 01-23-2008, 07:58 AM   #5
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I hear ya Bav! You may very well be correct!

I do remember the one time I came across another Porsche I totally got snubbed. I was at a stop light waiting to make a left-hand turn. He was across from me on the opposite side of traffic. As my light turned green and I began making my left turn, I gave him my brights to say hello (re: I thought he was another fellow 986 owner)...but got the big 'ol NOTHING back....as I turned I realized he was driving a 911......oh well, nothing lost.

Actually, I first came across this cordial waving business when I drove my dad's vette as a teen. I have to admit, the vette owners /drivers never failed to wave or give a quick blink of their brights. I was a bit shocked at first....but thought that was really nice.... so, I when I got my Porsche many, many, many years later....tried it...didn't work....oh well....says something about vette owners (Right OHIO???)

Maybe we should have a 986forum SIGNAL
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I have pretty good luck over here in Jersey - with the exception of Cayenne drivers. I usually give a nod or wave and usually get one in return.

I find that, as a community, people are pretty friendly, and the only thing better than driving a Porsche down a twisty backroad, is falling in with another Pcar or two in one of those Porsche moments described in the original post.
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I drive through a wealthy area every day on the way to and from work. I see at least a half dozen Porsches a day, not counting the SUV's.

I would say I get maybe one nod per hundred drivers. The majority don't even look at my car, even if I am right next to them. That is regardless of whether it is the 944 or the 986S.

Of course, my girl seems to get nods all the time from gentlemen on her way to the office when she is driving it. Figures.
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The other day I was on hwy 9 (twisties) coming back from santa cruz, and through the course of the drive saw half a dozen or so p-cars going the other way (911, 951 etc., no boxsters) - they weren't together, I saw them over a period of time.

I did a quick flash for each, got nothing back.... though in hindsight it was because all of us were going at reasonable speed around the curves, and they either wanted to concentrate on their driving (for which I don't blame them), or I'd passed them already by the time they saw me flashing.

That apart, I've had other good experiences getting waves or flashes from other p-car owners.
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Old 01-24-2008, 11:01 AM   #9
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I live in one of the nicest parts of atlanta, usually on the way to work and back when I see other porsches they aren't very reliable when it comes to flashing or waving back. When I'm on the interstate I almost always run into a 911 or something and those people seem to always want to play. I'll admit I drive like an idiot when around another porshce on the interstate, usually starts with a peace sign out the top, then turns into 120mph blasts through the open lanes..... fun.
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Old 01-24-2008, 11:45 AM   #10
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Years ago -on a motorcycle - one passing another would always mean a waive. Now there are so many, nobody bothers. I live in / around an affluent area and I think its the same deal with the Porsche. Either we're all busy focusing on not getting rammed by an idiot driver or there are just so many its silly. Or whatever. Smiles and waives happen, just not routinely.
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i played with a couple of them on the highways...

BUT, i have to admit as well, the whole brotherhood thing/wawe/flash is not working with these people...dunno why
when i had a camaro, i would get constant flashes/wawes and all that...it was really cool, something like the motorcycle guys do it, at that level. porsches on the other hand...its like trying to wawe at someone with a honda, its as if they dont even notice that were driving the same car lol
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i dont wave/signal anymore since i would rarely get anything back when i used to...i think most Porsche owners buy the car as a symbol of wealth and thats kinda annoying when u think about it... at least this is the case where i live. most people have money to blow and they buy Porsches because its an expensive brand...

i would have to agree that corvette owners are much better about signaling and i think theres a lot more of them who are actual enthusiasts because when i drove my corvette i would get waves/flashes and whatnot about 98% of the time vs. when im in the box i get waves or whatever about 5% of the time lol
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Middle of the summer and I'm driving home from work on the beautiful winding road I take every day. 99% of the time I'm just tootaling along behind whatever car enjoying the ride. Before you get on the last leg of the road there's a light and I pull up behind a new Corvette, top down, with an older guy like me (except he has grey hair haha). Anyway off we go, nothing to fast or crazy just a little more lively through the turns because there is no one in front of us and we're not nuts or jerks, I'm no where near his rear bumper. We go through almost the entire 3 miles of the road just loving the day. Just before the end of the section before there's another light we come around a corner and low and behold a beautiful 997S is just tootaling along all alone. The guy in the Corvette cracks a smile, I laugh we each give a thumbs up and come to a stop at the light. He yells out "That's perfect, just perfect." I yell back "I know, we caught a Carrera!" Good times.
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Being a Boxster owner, I will commonly wave to an oncoming Boxster as they are easy to distinguish from other Porsches at a glance. I might also wave at vintage Pcars.
But somehow, I feel funny about waving at the $100K plus guys in the rich-guy Porsches. I drive a car worth $24K. That's less than a new Altima!!! I don't want to give the big bucks guys the idea that I think that I'm in their league.
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I don't know....IMHO, I just don't think that waving to a fellow Porsche owner (re: who just happens to be driving a more expensive car than yours) should give the impression that you're somehow thinking that you're in their league---although this is subjective anyway,...because, who's to say that you're not?? It's just being friendly and courteous. And if the person driving that $100K + car (whether Porsche or not) thinks that they're better than you just because of their car, then they are probably just full of themselves anyway....not even worth waving at.

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I've given up initiating the "wave"... If someone here in NJ waves first I'll wave back but that doesn't seem to happen very often. Maybe 1 in 10 P-cars that I pass will wave. It's just not worth the effort and disappointment anymore...

Gary S.

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